This page collects transcriptions of lectures, mainly of a philosophical nature, given by Per Martin-Löf between the autumn of 1993 and October 2022. Most of them are published here for the first time. Each transcription contains a prefatory note outlining its origin.

The transcriptions are made available for non-commercial, personal use only. Their copyright belongs to Per Martin-Löf.

  • Philosophical aspects of intuitionistic type theory (Leiden, 23 September – 16 December 1993) [pdf]
  • The sense/reference distinction in constructive semantics (Leiden, 25 August 2001). The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 27, 501-513, [pdf]
  • Husserl's correlation between formal logic and formal ontology (Bern, 17 January 2002) [pdf]
  • Are the objects of propositional attitudes propositions in the sense of propositional and predicate logic? (Geneva, 19 December 2003) [pdf]
  • Sets, types and categories (Leiden, 6 February 2004) [pdf]
  • How did 'judgement' come to be a term of logic? (Paris, 14 October 2011) [video] [pdf]
  • Truth of empirical propositions (Leiden, 4 February 2014) [pdf]
  • Is logic part of normative ethics? (Paris, 15 May 2015) [pdf]
  • The two interpretations of natural deduction: how do they fit together? (Tübingen, 28 November 2015) [pdf]
  • Judgement and inference (Marseille, 1 June 2016) [pdf]
  • Assertion and request (Stockholm, 14 August 2017) [pdf]
  • Assertion and request (Oslo, 29 August 2017) [pdf]
  • Weyl's attempted mediation between intuitionism and formalism (Leeds, 12 September 2018) [pdf]
  • Logic and ethics (Hejnice, 27 June 2019). Logica Yearbook 2019, I. Sedlár and M. Blicha (eds.). London: College Publications, 2020 [pdf]
  • Epistemic assumptions: are they assumed to be backwards vindicated or forwards vindicable? (Leiden, 6 September 2019) [pdf]
  • Correctness of assertion and validity of inference (Stockholm, 26 October 2022) [pdf]

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